Exactly What Could Men and Women Expect Through the EP Review

From the begin of a EP research, you can lie in a bed and the actual nurse may start a great IV directly into your hand or even arm. This is usually so anyone can obtain drugs along with fluids through the method. You can be provided a medication through your current IV for you to relax an individual and help to make you sleepy, but the idea may certainly not put an individual in some sort of total sleep. The health professional will connect you in order to numerous computer monitors just before you begin your atrial fibrillation treatment.


Your chest will become shaved as well as cleansed along with an antiseptic solution. Clean and sterile drapes tend to be used for you to cover an individual, from your own personal neck for you to your legs. A tender strap will certainly be positioned across your current waist along with arms to be able to prevent your current hands through coming within contact using the sterile and clean field. A electrophysiologist (a doctor who have specializes within the examination and therapy of irregular heart rhythms) will numbing the skin area in your own groin (a few ins to the actual side regarding your genitalia) with medicine and subsequently insert many catheters, or perhaps tubes, straight into the abnormal vein beneath the particular skin. Advised by the actual fluoroscopy equipment, the catheters are threaded to your own heart. The particular catheters impression the electrical power activity throughout your coronary heart and tend to be used to be able to evaluate your current heart’s system. The particular doctor will certainly use any pacemaker in order to deliver the particular electrical leads through one particular of the actual catheters for you to increase your own heart level.

You may possibly feel your current heart defeating faster or perhaps stronger during Abbott Electrophysiology. Your own nurses along with doctor may want in order to know regarding any signs you are usually feeling. In the event that your arrhythmia — or even irregular cardiovascular system rhythm — occurs, your current doctor may possibly give anyone medications by means of your IV to check their efficiency in maintaining it. In case necessary, any small quantity of vitality may become delivered simply by the sections on your own personal chest for you to bring backside a typical heart flow. Based upon the info collected through the review, the medical doctor may proceed with a good ablation treatment or unit implant.

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